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Morse code generator

I have a first class amateur radio operator license issued by Japanese government (refer to Hobbies).   To pass the license examination, we must be able to transmit and receive Morse code both in Japanese and English at predetermined speed.

When we designed MPEG audio decoder LSI, I have created various sound files for computer simulation and LSI evaluation. This time, a 1 KHz sine wave file with headers conformed with WAV file format has been newly created by using an utility written in C language. The sampling frequency of 11.025KHz and 8 bit monaural have been chosen to reduce the file size for this application.

Morse code generator

Convertible characters are:
  All alphabetic letters both capital letters, from "A" to "Z", and small letters, from "a" to "z".
  All numerical numbers from "0" to "9".
  Symbols of ".", ",", "?", ":", "'", "-", "(", ")", "=", "/", "+", and "*".

JavaScript interpreter implemented on MS IE does not cover all of the functions implemented on Netscape Navigator.  IsReady and IsPlaying status flags are not properly implemented on MS IE.  In this example, I created an alternative stable way to produce clear and crisp Morse sound continuously switching two sine wave sound files (total 3.6KB) referring to the Morse code.

This kind of software that must provide excellent interaction and keep rigid time constraint must not be made on server side that needs to transmit the big result file through network.  This is the reason why a certain interpreter such as JavaScript and VBScript running on client side implemented on browser is indispensable.

The keying speed achieved on this page is usually applied to natural communication done by Morse code.
The Morse code converted is also displayed by series of silent texts in the lower window.

Original sentence to be converted to Morse code

Morse code conversion result

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