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Long time ago, I have designed LSIs for desk-top calculator in NEC.  Such LSIs greatly contributed the evolution of integrated circuit industry due to the applicability for mass production.  Overall semiconductor technologies, such as device, logic, circuit, mask layout design, photo-lithography, packaging, LSI test, and reliability & quality control, advanced rapidly.


A calculator below can execute the calculation according to an original equation without using a special sequence of key depression needed on a regular calculator.  I applied a JavaScript for this calculator activating a localized processing running on client side without getting any network or server intervention.

The equation of ((1.23 + 45.6) / (789 - 12.3)) * (0.012 + 2.5) is displayed in a windows below as an example.  By clicking "=", the right answer of "0.1514573966783" must be obtained.

There are two ways to specify the equation.
 (1) Typing keys on computer keyboard.
 (2) Clicking key pads on this calculator.

The equation or numerical value such as intermediate result or constant can be stored on memory by depressing "MIn", recalled by "MR", and cleared by "MC".

Trigonometric functions such as sin, cos, and tan use radian.  45 degrees is equal to (PI/4) radian.
Please calculate and compare the equations of sin(PI/4), sqrt(2)/2, and 1/sqrt(2).  The right answer must be "0.7071067811865" in all the cases.

The functions of calculator will be enhanced further more.

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