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Unit Converter

Japan determined to use metric method discarding "Syakkan method" used from ancient era.  However, USA is still keeping the use of other measurement method.  This intelligent toy converts numerical values between the units categorizing Length/Distance, Area, Volume, Weight, and Temperature.

Type a numerical value in a window and click Convert.  Each window displays the conversion result for each unit at the same time.

Length/Distance converter

Distance between Tokyo and Osaka is around 650km.  How many miles?
The answer is "403.7" miles.  It's almost equivalent with the distance between SF and LA.

School ground of Tokyo Metropolitan Aoyama high school was relatively big but was not enough to make straight tracks for 100m dash at sports festival.  Due to the reason, 100 yard dash was adopted instead of 100m dash.  How many meters is the 100 yards?  It should be shorter than 100m.
The right answer is "91m".

My height is 5 feet 7 inches.  Please make a note that this is not 5.7 feet.  This is one of big defect of non-metric method which is not decimal.  How high am I using centimeters?
The right answer is "172.78cm".  I may extend and shrink daily as usual, though.

cm m km inch foot yard mile

Area converter

My friend bought a home which is 4,500 square feet and the lot size is 38,800 square feet.  How many Tsubos (Japanese ancient unit), square meters, and acres are they?
The right answers are "122.5" Tsubo, "405"m2 and "1056" Tsubo, "3492"m2, "0.86" acres.

m2 km2 TSUBO ft2 yd2 ha acre

Volume converter

Weekly drink water consumption is about 11 gallons.  How many Shos (Japanese ancient unit already obsolete) and litters is it?
The right answers are "23" Shos and "41.69" litters.

litter gallon quart pint fluid ounce GO SHO

Weight converter

My weight is measured by pound here in USA like professional wrestlers and boxers.  It's 160 pound using unreliable weight meter.  How many kilograms?
The right answer is "72.64" kg.

g kg oz lb

Temperature Converter

When I was at Chicago, IL, from September to December to terminate a company called GCA (Graphics Communications America), the temperature went down to 17 degrees of Fahrenheit.  What degree of Celsius is it?
The right answer is "-8.3" degrees of Celsius.

When the body temperature is as high as 38 degrees of Celsius, it's called "high temperature".  What degree of Fahrenheit is it?
The right answer is "100.4" degrees of Fahrenheit.

Degrees of Celsius Degrees of Fahrenheit

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