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Long time ago, when we call to foreign country, it was not necessary to know the country code.  There were three ways, station-to-station call, collect call, and person-to-person call.  We call to local telephone company first and simply say "I would like to make an international telephone call to Japan.  The destination number is Tokyo, 3-xxxx-xxxx.  Please make it a station-to-station call."
A telephone operator dials the source country code (Ex. USA), the destination country code (Ex. Japan), and the domestic telephone number requested.
Nowadays, this way becomes obsolete.  You dial everything directly yourself and talk.  No third party intervenes.
This tool provides you both the source and destination country code on behalf of the telephone operator.

International Telephone Prefix Code

When you call to people who are living in a foreign country, you should know the source country code and the destination country code.

When my daughter went to Europe with high school friends, her money was about to run out.  I called to a hotel at Granada in Spain where my daughter stayed.  I dialed 011-34- preceding the known domestic telephone number of the hotel.  I had to call so many times until I eventually caught up her in early morning Spanish time.  We must call ourselves.


Dial this code at the beginning.

The number enclosed by parenthesis is used as a prefix of a domestic long distance call.  Don't dial it.

Japan prefix is (0) such as "(0)-3" to Tokyo area.
USA prefix is (1) such as "(1)-408" to silicon valley area.

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