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    The purpose of the Web page is to present a summary of my history both private and work introducing  who I am, what I did, where I have been and when, which route I preferred, and how I soared.
In the progress of creating this page, I came to a strong conclusion that I am quite a curious person and strive to achieve my goals in the most efficient and straightforward manner.

I am a native Japanese.  I graduated university in Japan, joined NEC Japan, quit it and joined ASCII Corporation in Japan, and then started working in USA at Chips & Technologies, ASCII USA, Auctor Corporation, and SanDisk Corporation.
Our family has been living in Silicon Valley (Sunnyvale & San Jose), CA USA for 14 years since January 1988.  I have been involved in a semiconductor industry for quite a long time in both Japan and USA as an all-around worker covering broad technical and managerial experience.

Both Japanese and English language are accessible on this Web page.  The context was originally written in English for easier application and later translated into Japanese.  Translating English to Japanese was no problem.  However, the irritating portion was typing the sentences by Japanese word processor although I have long term experience of handling Japanese word processors from its emergence.  Taking 4 times as long compared to typing in English, I began to ponder that perhaps for this reason, Japan is the  third class country in the world concerning software development.

The contents of the page, "Career", will be appended and updated soon It is only about 10% complete by today.  In the near future, interesting story along with pictures introducing the culture difference between Japan and USA, will be released including:
  Development of standard LSIs for desk-top calculators
   Visiting Olivetti Corporation of America, PA USA
   Development of programmable video game LSIs (triggered by Atari's Pong)
   Honey moon to USA and Purchasing Tandy's TRS-80 personal computer
   Development of graphics display controller LSIs under technology exchange contract with Intel
   Around the world business trip
   Relationship with ASCII (Kay Nishi) and Microsoft (Bill Gates)
   Development of foremost LSIs in USA
   Communicating with US subsidiaries and the termination
   Stock option and Employee Stock Purchase Plan
   Culture difference between US and Japanese employees and employers
   Knowledge of tax, Japan versus USA
   Education and student aid in USA
   Dealing in automobile and home in USA

My first Web page was published in 1995 by using a regular text editor.  The work seemed to be a source code manual editing of Microsoft Word document file with formatting options.  I slowly worked on the page hoping that a certain commercial company would soon develop and provide a Web page processor similar to existing word processors.
I would be perfectly satisfied with a Web page processor available today if the support of Japanese language was fully implemented under English Windows or Office.

I paid close attention to the followings while making the Web page:
   Providing hyperlinks as many as possible for easy and knowledgeable access
   Well balance of colors, fonts, and sizes for aesthetic pleasure, not being gaudy
   Documents and pictures provided by Adobe Acrobat PDF files

Regardless of visitors' recognition, I also utilized a certain special techniques from my technical interest:
   Applying Active Server Page with Visual Basic Scripts and server inquiries
  Interactive software using Java script running on client side
  Availability of Japanese sentence display by regular English browsers on English windows
  Applying a certain page/document protection

I am also planning to include the following additional technical features:
  Interactive software using Visual Basic script running on server side
  Baking cookies

Internal and external hyperlinks are clearly discriminated by putting bold attribute for internal hyperlinks.
This Web site consumes around 40MB disk space as of today.  The quota is 50MB.

This Web page has been created in casual manner with a certain weird jokes and somewhat strange personal observations.

Original contents had been created in 2001.  Most people used 56 kbps Modem with dial-up at that time instead of high speed Internet connection by DSL or cable availabe now.  Therefore, I made an intensive effort to reduce the file size to be downloaded to my site visitors.  Most files were blurry due to the reason.
I newly made them clear and crisp, especially most PDF files internally linked, after long time hibernation.  Now, the quota is amazingly unlimitted!!


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